Essential Components of Fluid Couplings: Explained

The world of industrial mechanics is complex, and it’s integral to understand each component that plays a part in the machinery’s operation. One such component is the fluid coupling. This article will delve into the essential components of fluid couplings, giving you a comprehensive understanding of what they are, how they function, and their significance in various applications.

Understanding Fluid Couplings

Fluid couplings are a type of hydraulic coupling that uses a fluid or oil to transmit rotational mechanical power. They play a vital role in many machines, enabling the smooth transfer of power between the source and the load.

A fluid coupling comprises three major components: the impeller, the turbine, and the stator. The impeller and the turbine interact with the fluid to transfer power, while the stator helps to recover the energy from the fluid before it returns to the impeller, enhancing the coupling’s efficiency.

Fluid coupling usage scenario

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EVER-POWER Fluid Coupling

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