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Our product assortment includes all varieties of helical equipment, spur gear, bevel equipment, gear rack, worm equipment, sprockets,chains, bearings. The team has taken component in the creating and revising of ISO/TC100 intercontinental chain regular numerous a long time in success and hosted the sixteenth ISO/TC100 Intercontinental yearly assembly in 2004. our goods are promoting nicely in the American, European, South American and Asian markets. XBC variety diesel motor EPT pump is a new sort of EPT-combating product that strictly in accordance to the nationwide stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd GB6245 quotEPT pump overall performance needs and screening techniques quot conditions, this series have vast head, flow range, can totally satisfy various events EPT h2o source in the warehouse, docks and airports, petroleum chemical market, EPTT EPTT, liquefied gas station, textile and other EPTT and mining EPTTrprises.

1. JCEP pump, shut coupled centrifugal horizontal pumps its casing from forged iron and the impeller is brass, shaft from stainless metal, mechanical seal is carbon/ceramic.

two. EPTT motor pump, with potential equivalent to electric pump potential, fuel tank.

three. Jockey pump, horizontal or vertical, ten, fifteen, 20, 30, forty, 50, 75, a hundred, a hundred twenty five…GPM

4. Force vessel, 25, fifty, 75, a hundred, a hundred and fifty…Liters with 4, 5, six, 10, 15…Bar

five. EPTT panel, MCB for each pump, DOL starter with thermal over load defense for principal electrical pump, hand off vehicle selector swap for each and every pump, sign lamps for pump run and pump trip, force change for the computerized operation, battery charger, twelve volt battery to start off the motor.

Doing work Problems
1. Altitude: le two, five hundred meters
2. EPTal temperature: – 25 ~ 55 ordm C
3. Relative humidity: 9 ~ 95%
four. Seismic depth: seven levels

Main Characteristics
1. EPTT starting: When EPTs EPT/pipe force/EPTT failure/or other start signal, it can automatic commence and EPTTte to total load procedure in fifteen seconds.
two. EPTTally expenses: Battery charging immediately from electric powered EPTT or charging motor in diesel motor so as to make certain its sleek begin-up,
3. EPTT alarm: When diesel engine unEPTTlow oil stress, high temperature drinking water and other problems, it would automatic alarm, and alarm and cease when above-velocity.

4. EPTT preheating: JCEP the diesel motor in the spare point out, make sure emergency perform.
five. Immediate coupled variety: Under 360kw diesel pump unit undertake diesel motor and pump linked via elastic coupling immediately EPT, minimizes the malfunction points, and shortens commence-up time significantly, boost the reliability and unexpected emergency functionality.
6. Consumers can also JCEP an additional alarm output (non stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd delivery)
seven. With distant evaluate, remote communication, remote manage (non stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd shipping)

StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd Scope of EPT
1). EPTT diesel pump unit: EPTT engine, drinking water pump, cooling fan, cooling drinking water tank, steel composition base, (drinking water heater), battery, connecting wires, exhaust muffler, expansion joints, automatic manage panel (adopt EPTTed British DEEPT SEA 520 computerized controller).
two). In accordance to customer request give sample examination or enEPTT inspection inspection studies issued by nationwide EPT-fighting gear top quality supervision inspection cEPTTr.
3). In accordance to consumer request designed to pump team, the fuel tank, handle panel, battery composite integration design.
four). In accordance to client ask for designed to pump team, the gas tank, handle panel, battery, rainproof cabinet mixed out of doors sort.

Optional Scope of EPT:
one). 300L – 1000L daily-use oil tank or gas tank
2). EPTT pump device and electrical pump device linkage management panel
3). JCEP pump device, consistent pressure pump group, pressure tank, and so on.


EPT Established Product Capacity






EPT Design EPTT Engine Design
XBC8./thirteen.nine thirty-fifty-sixty 84-80-75 2900 IS80-50-250 4L22B-SB
XBC7./thirteen. forty seven 70 2900 IS80-50-250A 4L22B-SB
XBC6./twelve.2 44 60 2900 IS80-fifty-250B 4L22B-SB
XBC8.five/ 42 85 2900 IS80-50-315B 4L22B-SB
XBC11./13. forty seven a hundred and ten 2900 IS80-fifty-315A KM496-SB
XBC12.5/13.9 thirty-50-sixty 128-one hundred twenty five-123 2900 IS80-50-315 KM496-SB
XBC5./27.8 60-one hundred-a hundred and twenty fifty four-50-forty seven 2900 IS100-sixty five-two hundred 4L22B-SB
XBC6./23.9 86 60 2900 IS100-65-250B 4L22B-SB
XBC7./twenty five.eight 93 70 2900 IS100-65-250A 4L22B-SB
XBC8./27.8 sixty-100-a hundred and twenty 87-80-75 2900 IS100-65-250 KM496-SB
XBC10./twenty five. 90 100 2900 IS100-sixty five-315B KM496-SB
XBC5./55.6 a hundred and twenty-two hundred-240 fifty eight-50-45 2900 IS125-100-200 KM496-SB
XBC6./48.1 173 sixty 2900 IS125-one hundred-250B KM496-SB
XBC12.5/27.eight 60-100-one hundred twenty 133-125-118 2900 IS100-65-315 X6135JD
XBC8./fifty five.six a hundred and twenty-two hundred-twenty 87-80-72 2900 IS125-one hundred-250 X6135JD
XBC12.five/fifty five.6 one hundred twenty-two hundred-240 133-a hundred twenty five-a hundred and twenty 2900 IS125-100-315 X6135JZD
XBC11./52.8 190 one hundred ten 2900 IS125-a hundred-315A X6135JZD
XBC9.2/forty 173 ninety two 2900 IS125-a hundred-315B X6135JD
XBC5./111 240-400-460 fifty five-fifty-forty five 1450 IS200-150-400 X6135JZD
XBC5./28 a hundred 50 1450 IS125-100-four hundred 495AD
XBC5./28 two hundred fifty 1450 IS150-one hundred twenty five-400 TL4110ZD
XBC4.six/10 thirty-36-42 fifty-forty six-forty 1450 75TSWA times4 4L22B-SB1
XBC5.7/10 thirty-36-forty two 62-57-50 1450 75TSWA times5 4L22B-SB1
XBC6.9/10 30-36-forty two seventy five-sixty nine-60 1450 75TSWA times6 4L22B-SB1
XBC8./ten thirty-36-forty two 87-eighty-70 1450 75TSWA times7 4L22B-SB1
XBC9.two/10 30-36-42 one hundred-ninety two-80 1450 75TSWA times8 4L22B-SB1
XBC10.three/10 30-36-42 112-103-ninety 1450 75TSWA times9 4L22B-SB1
XBC6.two/19.two 62-sixty nine-80 sixty four-sixty two-fifty six 1450 100TSWA times4 495AD
XBC7.eight/19.two sixty two-69-80 81-78-70 1450 100TSWA times5 495AD
XBC9.three/19.2 sixty two-69-eighty 97-93-eighty four 1450 100TSWA times6 495AZD
XBC10.nine/19.2 sixty two-sixty nine-80 113-109-98 1450 100TSWA times7 495AZD
XBC6.4/25 72-ninety-108 69-sixty four-60 1450 125TSWA times3 495AD
XBC8.6/twenty five seventy two-90-108 92-86-80 1450 125TSWA times4 TL4110D
XBC10.8/25 72-ninety-108 115-108-a hundred 1450 125TSWA times5 TL4110ZD
XBC6./43 119-a hundred and fifty five-191 65-60-55 1480 150TSWA times2 TL4110D
XBC9./43 119-a hundred and fifty five-191 ninety seven-90-82 1480 150TSWA times3 TL4110ZD
XBC12./43 119-one hundred fifty five-191 129-a hundred and twenty-109 1480 150TSWA times4 X6135JD
XBC8.6/seventy seven.eight 190-280-346 ninety five-86-seventy seven 1480 200D1-43 times2 X6135JD
XBC12.9/seventy seven.8 190-280-346 142-129-one hundred fifteen 1480 200D1-forty three times3 X6135JZD
XBC12./125 four hundred-450-500 123-one hundred twenty-114 1480 D450-60III times2 WX6135JZLD
XBC11.four/139 450-five hundred-550 one hundred twenty-114-108 1480 D500-57 times2 12V135JZD
XBC12./two hundred 550-720-850 132-one hundred twenty-108 1480 D720-62 times2 W12V138AZL
XBC5./sixty 150-216-260 59-50-45 1480 D216-twenty five times2 TL4110ZD
XBC7.five/sixty 150-216-260 88-75-sixty seven 1480 D216-25 times3 X6135JD
XBC10./60 150-216-260 118-one hundred-ninety 1480 D216-25 times4 X6135JD
XBC12.five/sixty one hundred fifty-216-260 147-one hundred twenty five-112 1480 D216-25 times5 X6135JZD
XBC6.5/134 360-485-612 71-65-fifty six 1450 250S65 X6135JZD
XBC9./219 590-790-936 ninety three-ninety-82 1450 300S90 W12V135AZD
XBC7.eight/210 576-756-918 86-seventy eight-70 one hundred fifty 300S90A 12V135AJZD hundred 540-720-900 seventy two-67-fifty seven 1450 300S90B 12V135JZD
XBC5.eight/219 576-790-972 sixty five-58-fifty 1450 300S58 X6135JZLD
XBC5./204 529-735-893 55-50-42 1450 300S58A X6135JZD
XBC12.five/351 850-1260-1660 one hundred forty-a hundred twenty five-a hundred 1450 350S125 KTA38-G2
XBC11.two/328 787-1181-1538 a hundred and twenty-112-86 1450 350S125A KTA38-G
XBC9.six/305 697-1098-1363 106-ninety six-seventy seven 1450 350S125B KTA19-G4
XBC7.5/351 972-1260-1440 eighty-seventy five-65 1450 350S75 W12V138AZL-3
XBC6.5/325 900-1170-1332 70-sixty five-56 1450 350S75A W12V135AZLD
XBC5.five/300 813-1080-1202 fifty nine-fifty five-46 1450 350S75B 12V135JZD

  in Hyderabad India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High Pressure Multistage Pump for Car Pipeline Washing manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler