Supply the Best Quality EPx Series Hydraulic Coupling


1. External drive, turbine impeller cavity, impeller connected to the pump wheel housing, elastic coupling on the motor side, and the coupling weight mainly composed of reducer bearings.
2. The auxiliary chamber belongs to the dynamic pressure relief type, which has strong instantaneous overload protection ability, fast response speed, low overload coefficient, and can effectively limit the starting torque.
3. EPX series is a unique matching product for TD belt conveyors.
4. When the reducer shaft is much thinner than the motor shaft, it is best not to choose this type, and the input and output inversion measures can also be taken to prevent the reducer from breaking the shaft. The performance changes when standing upside down, but it does not affect the use.
5. Two-speed or adjustable-speed motor-driven couplings are selected according to low-level parameters.